From the Desk of Catherine DoveFrom the Desk of Catherine Dove

Welcome to the 9th Issue of the Modern Day Expert™ Digest

How is your new year going so far? I hope that you've settled back into a comfortable work life routine after the holidays.

I've have some really, really important information to share with you in this edition that could have a big impact in your online business.

If you are currently advertising, or planning to advertise using Facebook Ads I've shared extremely important information that you will need to spend some time wrapping your arms around to understand.

If you are looking to grow your Online Expert Business with one of the newest, fastest growing social media platforms around you'll want to check out the information I am sharing on ClubHouse. This is an invite only platform for now. I currently have 4 invites available. If you would like one, kindly send an email to along with your cell phone number. I have to add you to my contacts and then text you the invite. (I'll promptly delete your cell phone after that- promise!)

Lastly, if you are looking for help as you work to monetize your expertise online, I wanted to let you know that enrollment for the Experts Business Club is now open. This is my coaching and training membership where I help experts create and grow their Online Expert Business. You can click here to learn more.

Catherine Dove

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