From the Desk of Catherine DoveFrom the Desk of Catherine Dove

Welcome to the 4th Issue of the Modern Day Expert™ Digest

As we near the Thanksgiving holidays I wanted to take a moment to share how thankful I am for YOU since you are reading this 4th edition of my weekly digest. THANK YOU!

I hope that you and your family and friends will be able to celebrate Thanksgiving in the safest way possible.

In this edition I am excited to share the launch of my new training and coaching membership the Experts Business Club. I am on a mission to offer a very affordable way for experts to create an Online Expert Business so they can monetize their expertise online. I'll share more details below.

Enjoy this edition...
Kindly Catherine Dove

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QUICK TIP: 3 Profitable Online Program Niches

Monetizing your expertise by creating an online program is a great way to leverage your time and serve more people than you can in person.

I wanted to share a tip to help you make sure you create a PROFITABLE online program!

If you are considering creating an online program you want to make sure it falls into one of the three main profitable NICHES.


Humans are motivated to move toward things they want, and to move away from the things they don’t want. In other words, we move toward what we desire and we move way from things that we fear.

Here are the three main categories and examples:


Weight loss, Stress, Muscle Gain, Low Impact Exercise, Fat Loss, Organic Food, Raw Food, Natural Healing, Wellness, Specific Health Problems


Real estate, Foreign Currency, Investing, Retirement, Debt, Starting a Business, Making Money, Marketing, Time Management, Getting a Job


Dating, Relationships, Marriage, Sexuality, Conflict, Divorce, Body Language, Parenting, Education


All successful online programs usually map back to one of these three categories.

If you are creating an online course outside of these categories you will want to do a lot of market validation before you spend the time and effort to create it.

If you already have an online program that is not profitable it may be that it doesn't fall into one of these three categories.