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Two Ways to Charge More for Your Online Course

As a #moderndayexpert one of the ways you can sell what you know is by creating an online course.

Your online course can help people create a better life or business by helping them solve a problem, or achieve a goal.

The first way you can charge more for your online course is to provide a very specific outcome for your students. (In other words, you want to niche down the topic you are teaching.)

Specific Outcome & Niched Topic Example
Not Specific: Paid Traffic
More Specific: Facebook Ads
Most Specific: Facebook Ads to Fill Webinars

The second way to charge more for your online course is to create it for a specific person.

Specific Person Example:.
Facebook Ads to Fill Webinars for Speakers.

So in addition to niching down the topic to using Facebook Ads to fill webinars, you are creating the course specifically for speakers.

I hope these example was helpful so you charge more for your online course.

If you have questions on this, or would like to run your idea for your online course by other #moderndayexperts please join the conversation in our Modern Day Expert Community. ➡️Click here to join us

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