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Feel Confident with your Writing

Our online businesses require that we do a LOT of writing as we share our message and create online products and programs.

For example, we write blog posts, podcasts, video content, lessons for our online courses, emails to our email subscribers, and of course our social media posts.  

Who doesn’t need a little guidance, and second set of “eyes” on our writing? I know I do!

There are some great tools that give you guidance with spelling, punctuation, conciseness, style editing and writing. When you use these tools, they will correct your mistakes, and give you alternatives.

You can enter the writing you want reviewed on their website. You can also download their chrome extensions to provide prompts as you are writing in other platforms such as Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, email marketing providers, and all your other favorite sites.

Here are three tools that you can check out. (There are free and paid options.)



Pro-Writing Aid

Experts Business Club