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Welcome to the 12th Issue of the Modern Day Expert™ Digest

If you are considering, or are in the middle of creating an online offer such as an online course or a membership, I have a really important question for you!


If you don't, then you need to hear what I have to say!

In last week's Experts Business Club group coaching call we discussed the importance of creating an audience of loyal followers that know, like and trust you BEFORE you create an online offer such as an online course, or membership site.

If you spend a lot of time creating your online offer but you don't have an audience who do you think you are going to sell it to?

For some reason, we think the first thing we need to do in our online business is to create our online offers before we build an audience.


If you build your audience before you create your offer you can find out if they are even interested before you spend time creating it. Your audience can give you feedback to make sure you are creating an offer that will sell.

Let's build and nurture an audience of people that know, like and trust you. That way, when you launch your online offer you won't launch to crickets.

If you needed to hear this...consider this my Valentine's Day gift to you. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!


Catherine Dove

Online Marketing

Selling Strategies

Let's Increase the Conversions on your Sales Pages

Perhaps you want to create a high converting sales page for your online offer, or already have a sales page but you would like to increase the conversions of your sales page.

I want to bring your attention to an often overlooked, but very important feature of your sales page. I'm going to give you three tips you can easily implement to increase your conversions.

Introducing your "BUY" Button which is otherwise known as your CTA, or Call To Action.

A CTA is where you ask your prospect to take action and enroll in your online offer. When clicked on, your CTA leads to the checkout page where they enter their information and credit card.

Here are three quick tips to increase the effectiveness of your CTA and increase the conversions of your sales page.

Tip #1: Scatter multiple CTAs throughout your sales page.

The more you ask for the sale, the more likely you will get it. Therefore, instead of just one CTA on your sales page, why not include FOUR of them!

First Call to Action:
Include your first CTA near the top of your sales page to make it easy for people that already know they are interested so they can take action immediately.

Second Call to Action:
You can include your second CTA right after you share everything that is included in your offer such as your features, benefits, bonuses, etc.

Third to Call to Action:
It is time to share your third CTA after you have alleviated your viewers concerns with your guarantee, or money back option.

Last Call to Action:
You can place your last CTA at the very bottom of your sales page so you can convert the viewers that want to read every single word of your sales page.

Tip #2: Use words that command action in your CTA.

Your CTA is basically asking people to get out their credit card, so now is NOT the time to be subtle.

Instead of just saying BUY NOW on your CTA, you should use words that provoke emotion and enthusiasm, or express scarcity or urgency to encourage your viewers to take action.

Here are some alternatives to BUY NOW you can use:

Get Started * Reserve My Spot * Instant Access * Yes! I need this * Join Now * Unlock Today * Register Today * I'm In! * Let's Go! * I Need This Now *Start Now

Tip #3: Make sure that your CTA (Buy Button) Sticks Out on your Sales Page.

Hopefully you have high converting sales copy, a lot of graphics, testimonials and maybe even a video on your sales page. This makes it easy for your CTA to blend in and not "stick out".

You will get more conversions if your CTA is as obvious as possible so the viewer that wants to take action knows exactly where to click to be directed to your checkout page.

First, select a button color that contrasts with the brand colors and images on your sales page.

Second, make sure to use the same color for all of the CTA buttons on your sales page.

Now it is time to take action and implement these three tips so you can increase the conversions of your sales page!