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Hello there, fellow #moderndayexperts!

As we climb stairs in our online business to transfer our "offline" expertise into the online business world we all need to learn new skill sets. As with learning anything new, we are bound to take steps backwards as we run into obstacles.

In fact, the more progress we make, the more obstacles we will run into. Sadly, I've seen so many people allow their obstacles to prevent them from moving forward in their online business and sharing their expertise online. (And if I am being completely transparent, I have let obstacles prevent me from moving forward many, many times.)

I want to help you reframe how you think of obstacles so you can reach your goals.

Take a moment to think of some of your closest friends. When you struggle, they give you a hand up and take you to a higher place, don't they? They can help you think of things in a different light, or share solutions with you that you hadn't thought of.

I want you to consider the OBSTACLES in your online business as your FRIENDS.

That's right! Instead of being frustrated and giving up when you run into an obstacle, consider the obstacle as a friend providing you with a learning opportunity to give you a hand up in your business.

In fact, if you are willing to consider your obstacles as friends they might show you a better path to take. And, it could lead to an even better destination then the previous path you were on.

Climb those stairs two at a time, as fast as you can to get to the top. Don't be so focused on your destination that you forget to grab your friend's hand if you take a step backwards.

Let's climb together!
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