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Hello and Welcome!

I am thrilled that you are for the first edition of the Modern Day Expert Digest™!

I believe that YOUR message matters and that you have a moral obligation to share it. I also believe that there is no easier way to share it than by building an online expert business.

You possess a hard earned expertise developed over the years through your personal and professional experiences. If you "modernize" your expertise and share it online, your message has a "million dollar" market value.

By embracing your expertise and offering it online you can help people solve their problems or achieve their goals while building a life and business that you love.

I am publishing this Digest every week to provide you with inspiration, tips, training, resources and late breaking online marketing news to help you on your journey as you modernize your expertise.

I will share the archives of each edition so you can always refer back to editions you missed, or want to read again.

Let's embrace your expertise together!


Catherine Dove

Modern Day Expert™ Digest

Modern Day Expert Income Roadmap

There are so many opportunities, and different ways of creating an online expert business that it can get really confusing. When we are confused, and not sure what to do we can end up chasing shiny objects that delay the success we deserve in our business.

Often, I see people focus exclusively on creating their online products (courses, memberships, etc) and not realizing that there are important things that they must implement BEFORE and AFTER the creation of their online products.

I created the Income Roadmap to give you a high level overview of an online expert business so that you can see the journey you have ahead of you in order to successfully monetize your expertise online.

I hope this gives you some clarity on what it really takes to create an online expert business!

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Modern Day Expert™ Digest

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